Derrick Hayes the "enTIEtainer"
Derrick Hayes the "enTIEtainer"

Got Derricknym?

Derricknyms are acronyms with a touch of Derrick where words are messages of encouragement. Derrick Hayes shares his gift of Derricknyms with people on a daily basis by simply turning their name into a positive message. Share this opportunity with yourself or someone else is in your life.


To see how your name would look in a Derricknym please see the sample below. Once I do your name all you need is a frame.  The Derricknym will have the look of a certificate. Derricknyms have been given to people for birthdays, holidays, anniversaries, and graduations. Business owners and meeting planners have ordered Derricknyms for their staff at meetings, conferences and events.  (Frames are not included)


"All I can say is WOW!  Derrick Hayes is one talented individual. I personally asked him to create his 'Derricknyms' as gifts for all of my guest speakers at my College Speaking Success BootCamp. If you want a unique gift idea, then I highly suggest you consider hiring Derrick!"


-James Malinchak, Contributing Author, Chicken Soup for the Soul


"I was so moved when I heard Derrick Hayes speak the first time, I figured he was worth hearing again.  Within ten minutes I decided that I will have him speak to the entire leadership staff in our department.  The second time was better than the first.  He really moved them with his positive outlook and approach to life.  Many people have their personal Derricknyms posted in their work area."


C.O. Jackman, Director

Facilities Building Services

Georgia State University


“Derrick Hayes created magic for the homeless and poor women of Boston. 

Guests at the 2009 Love Yourself Fest at Rosie's Place were treated to their very special Derricknyms and loved it!”


Evana Maggiore, President  

Fashion Feng Shui International LLC


Derricknym Options

Order a Derricknym Postcard

Would you like to say hello to loved one, co-worker or associate with a positive message?  A Derricknym postcard is a great way to encourage someone and bring sunshine to their life.  Place your order and give us the name you want to Derricknym and we will personalize their name on the card and put it in the mail to them.  

Host a Derricknym Signing

Are you hosting an event where you want to give something back to the attendees? A Derricknym signing is a great way to uplift your customers or employees for an Appreciation Day.


Each person in attendance will have the opportunity to receive a personalized card with their name turned into a positive message right before their eyes. This is a gift you can provide to others that they can't buy in stores or order over ther internet.   


If interested in bringing a Derricknym signing to your next meeting, conference or event call (706) 615-1662 or email us at   

Derricknym Signing in KY

What Is Your Derricknyms Story?

I'm writing a book early next year on branding and would like to offer you an opportunity to promote yourself, business or organization by telling your Derricknyms story.


Your story could be about:


-How we connected after you received a Derricknym

-How Derricknyms inspire you


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  • Patricia Weber (Sunday, December 19 10 03:18 pm EST)

    With blogging being a big part of my online marketing to introverts in business, on occasion I get writer's pause. It's not really a block it's just a pause. One of the things I do that has helped me
    to get going again is my Derricknyms. As I read it, I am reminded of my introvert strengths and usually within minutes I am flowing with ideas to put into writing. Derrick is quite talented and not
    only do his Derricknyms, they are quite a wonderful gift - literally and figuratively - that he is sharing.

  • Becca Chopra (Sunday, December 19 10 05:21 pm EST)

    Compassionate and full of

    This is my goal every day. Thank you for helping me state it. Namaste! Becca Chopra, author of The Chakra Diaries

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“A brilliant man and helped out a lot to the questions I had in PR and marketing”


Joel Hinojosa –Reeding High School


“Derrick’s presentation was an absolute inspiration for my life and my business”


Sean Royer – UW-Eau Claire


“Thank you for your beautiful words of encouragement”


Amy Pschierer – Genesee Community College


“Derrick Hayes has really inspired a young entrepreneur like myself to to really connect with everyone”


Orlando Tate, Jr. – Ball State University


“Derrick’s enthusiasm for life is contagious. He sincerely cares about the people around him. Derrick is a great example of someone who finds joy in seeing others succeed”


Bryan C. Bennett – Brigham Young University


“Thank you for sharing PR leads that were great”


Joyce McCauley – Saint Louis University


“Derrick Delivers”


Dr. Jerome A. Kat – Saint Louis University Professor of Entrepreneurship


“Social Media Strategies to Position yourself as an Expert is a bright, motivational program that can inspire any young entrepreneur to explore the endless opportunities to promote their business”


Nora Kipp – Genesee Community College


“Very inspirational and informative”


Abbey Brau - College of St. Benedict


“Derrick Hayes gave us an encouraging word that if you can’t do big things, do small things in a big way” 


Pastor Timothy Beard – Danville Community College VA


“You’re awesome, thanks for teaching us about networking and being service minded”


Hong Zoo Lu – St. john’s University


“Informational and Inspirational”


Sarah Harbottle – The College of Wooster


“Derrick’s presentation changed the way I think about social media and ways to market my business”


John Breitbart – Miami University of Ohio


“Thanks for providing creative advice on how to brand yourself”


Marc Capistrant – Radford University


“Thank you for opening up the world of PR. I now have many valuable strategies to market myself in business”


Emily Reznecheck – College of St. Benedict & St. John’s University


“Derrick Hayes opens our eyes to opportunities and how to see if they are for you or for someone else in your network”


Olga Rozmuszcs - College of St. Benedict & St. John’s University

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